Slow, but Steady 08/24/2007

It's been nearly a month since my last "news" update - but in truth doll news has been slow, but steady.

An update on the MBF eBay pre-order is that after three weeks of waiting and a lot of learning about how eBay works - I desperately went to my local post office to see if they were holding her for some odd reason. They were. Apparently they had "notified" me by mail that I had something waiting for me - bull. I was very angry with the post office - yet again - but my anger was overridden by my complete joy of having finally gotten her.

However, in the end I sold her nude to another collector. I think it had to do with the fact that I like RBLs more than SBLs and Tailor Gibson is almost identical to My Best Friend except TG is has cute freckles and better stock eye chips. Also, when I pre-ordered her I thought, "I could just sell her if I don't like her" so I wasn't too attached to her anyhow.

The most important thing is the fact that she's gone to someone who is going to appreciate her more.

To give an update about Odessa - her customization went fantastic! I got her back in record time and she was perfect & unharmed. Unfortunately, with the heat being too intense for concentrated photography - I've been unable to photograph her well yet. I did use her as a model to test my 35mm film SLR camera I found & fixed a few weeks ago though - and the picture to the left is an example. You can't tell very well about her customizations - but believe me when I say they are perfect! Her lips are a sweet peachy pink, she has the softest freckles, her eye lids are so smooth - I'm just in love.

Next step for Odessa: A boil perm. I've bought (and decided I don't like) some rollers for the job - and soon I'll get started. I messed around and tried to do it a bit but my frustration level was too high/low and I couldn't do it. Maybe sometime this weekend...

Pre-Orders. Ugh. 07/24/2007

Well, it's been awhile since I last updated with some news. Let's start with the bad stuff.

The eBay seller I pre-ordered MBF from decided to ship the doll a week late and I have, as of yet, not received it. They supposedly shipped it on the 13th - more than a week late I might add - and it had a 10-14 ship period. So if it's not here by Friday -  I'm going to be very upset. I've already decided to leave a less than positive feedback considering it was their fault the doll was shipped late. What really burns my biscuits is the fact that I emailed them on the 9th asking for a status and they had every opportunity to contact me and explain if there was an error out of their control. But they didn't so I'm going to assume the error was in their control. A friend of mine says that the seller will likely leave ME bad feedback but I don't know why they would. I'm the one who kept in contact. I'm the one who paid when I was supposed to. I'm the one who paid them MUCH more for S&H then it should have cost. I wonder if there is a way of disputing bad feedback from sellers who give it for no good reason?

Onto the good stuff! I sent Odessa to New Jersey for her customization and as far as I'm aware it's going well. The customizer is keeping very good contact aside for lack of pictures - but I don't know how this is generally done and I feel I would pick apart her work if she showed it to me anyhow. I'm excited because yesterday she said she was just going to seal most everything and then do her lips. Soon she'll be back - SOON! I miss her and I don't really know why - maybe just because she is mine. I hope and pray that I'm happy with the customizations because I know that I can be so anal and I hate that.


I just found out that My Best Friend, the next 12" neo Blythe I've pre-ordered, will be released on June 30th and she'll be shipped to me between that date and July 5th. Considering it will take up to 2 weeks for me to receive her, it'll be a little late for my birthday but still fantastic! I really can't wait - she'll be my first girl with bangs!


Though I really wanted Odessa - and I patiently waited until I could find a seller who was willing to work with me on a price - I'm not bonding very well with her and have decided to have her customized. I know that I could do it, I just don't think I could do it well. I stressed and agonized over the custom eye chips I made for Talullah and in the end they came out very nice - but during and right after I was not as satisfied as I would have hoped.

So, a few days ago I'm on the This Is Blythe boards and I'm browsing through the Mall section and notice that someone is available for custom work and she's not half bad. So I message her and find out that A) She's a fantastic price, B) She does fantastic work & C) She's available and wants to work with me. I'm very excited and I hope that the look I'm envisioning is going to be transfered to the doll and I wont be disappointed.

The work I'll be getting done is:
>> Lips painted, in a detailed fashion
>> Eye lids painted, two tones
>> Eye shadow, to wrap around the entire eye socket
>> Boggled eyes, she'll be my first!
>> Superior gaze correction, not sure if she needs though...
>> Freckles, that'll also be a first for me

I'm also tempted to ask her to replace her eye lids to something a bit more natural. But I figure I could probably just do that myself once I'm ready.


I've added a page to the website called Shop. Its basically a shop for common items like postcards, magnets, stickers & buttons made from my photographs. I've partnered up with a company and I think that this will be a great opportunity to get my images out there in a legal well protected way.

If you're interested, visit the Shop page and look around. Any images you see can be transfered to most items and more items will be coming.


I've had a good two weeks with Hitomi and my inital reactions are that I love her to death. I however don't think that I'll be ordering Faura who I had already named Aden. I've seen her photos and her outfit in particular is very different than the one she was displayed with in the promo pictures. Her clothes look cheap and almost clown-like in regards to colors. I have decided my next Dal is going to be Hina Ichigo as I've seen pictures of her and like her hair and skin tone and definitely eye color. It was between her and Rot Chan but I already have Sooni who's hair is similar to that of Rot Chan. I'd really like to get a variety - especially because I'm not that excited about Rot Chan's outfit.

There are some great shots of Hitomi on her page's slideshow - so check it out!

Real photos! 05/24/2007

They've finally released real photos of the next 12' Neo Blythe - "My Best Friend" who I've pre-ordered. I'm so happy I pre-ordered her now because I love her hair (length, color, bangs, & texture) and her outfits and I'm excited to get the little dog :) Here are the pictures they released - they will be added to My Best Friend's page on The Girls of Belm Dolls page.


I was so excited to take pictures of her but couldn't get to the natural light in time - so here are some "flash" induced shots. More to come - I promise. Check out Hitomi's page to view the Flickr slideshow of all the shots taken.


Hitomi's finally here! I was a little shocked because on the collection slip it said that it was from Germany and I knew she was being shipped from Singapore - but then there she was! More pictures to follow - but there are some in her Flickr set on her page that you can check out too.


I had a photo shoot with Odessa today, check out the photos that have been added to her Flickr slideshow on her page - GO SEE IT!