About Me

As of November 2007, I'm a 24 year old working professional, my field being PC Technician - mainly desktop support. My passion for doll collecting began late 2006 after spotting a Blythe on my day-to-day blog, Vox. I instantly fell in love with the doll and its history and bought one. Right now, I'm the proud owner of six Blythes one DaL (with one DaL in the mail and one pre-ordered as well) and one Ddung. Some other dolls I'm interested in owning are 60cm ball-jointed dolls and also teeny ball-jointed dolls such as the brand Lati. My doll collecting has brought me a lot of joy and also a lot of friends. Its amazing the kind of people you meet in a hobby such as doll collecting.

Other interests I have are; photography, writing, computers, technology, video games & driving. If you'd like to know more about me on a "non-dolly" basis, please visit my day-to-day blog www.fromthesidekick.vox.com Once again, thanks for stopping by and sharing such a great interest!